Is Moringa Oleifera today’s superfood?

Moringa the Superfood Choice

Moringa dominates this year’s superfood compared to the buzz turmeric has had in the recent years. Healthy food companies in North America tout it for its anti-inflammatory action. Known to scientists as world’s most useful tree, the super-green from south of the equator is less known in this part of the world for its healing properties that can be traced from India, Chile, and Africa.

Nutritional value for Moringa

In the wellness scene, moringa is becoming the superfood choice for its impressive nutritional profile. It contains substantive amounts of Potassium, calcium, and Vitamin as indicated in the Journal Ecology of Food and Nutrition. According to Kimberly Synder a nutritionist, it has twice and thrice the amounts of protein and iron in spinach respectively.

Moringa incorporated products

The buzzy veggie’s likable taste is attributed to its slightly sweet seeds and nutty ground leaves. Food companies have not been hesitant to add Moringa to almost everything, from juices to nutrition bars and protein powders.

Ingredient Power Matcha Japanese

In 2018, moringa oil has the possibility of becoming a fair trade ingredient, featuring in beauty brands placing its usefulness to nourishing the skin.